Dear Sky,
I love watching you when i have a bad day or a bad time.
You'll always comfort me in a different way human used to comfort each other.

Dear Sky,
I'm always watching you.
Because i love how blue and white you are.
Even,  sometimes when you change your color in evening i still wanted to looked up on you.

Dear Sky,
I think i know why i love you so much.
Because you are so pure.
So pure that you don't have single fault on your blue & white color.

Dear Sky,
That's the reason why God created you with a peace of looked.
When human as i am got troubled, i'll always wonder how are you today.
Then, i will looked up on you.

Dear Sky,
I hope you won't change.
I hope you'll stay beautiful as you are.
I hope you'll meet me one day.

In heaven.

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