The Eyes of A Child

The eyes.
Look so clear like the painting of a clear blue sky.
There is no worries,
There is no judgement,
There is no critism,
In the eyes of a child.

The eyes.
Looked through me.
& with those innocent eyes.
To seek the truth from me.
Liked nobody else there.
In the eyes of child.

Simply why i choose to become a kindergarten because i love those smiling eyes.
When they smile the eyes shapes like a half moon.

They said 'thank you' with the shyness in those eyes.
They said 'hello' with their clear eyes.
In the eyes of a child.
I am the teacher they proud of.

I love them very much.
No matter how the condition they are.
They are pure no matter how dirty their clothes can be.
They are pure no matter how smelly they are.
They are pure like a white cloud that you see in the skies.

So, why can you judge those eyes.
Those pure and innocent eyes?

So, why do you abuse them?
When those clear eyes begging you not to hit them.

So, why do you treat them like they are a piece of trash,
When you are the one that accidently have them.

You see.
Don't blame the child.

Because they are a gift from heaven.
No matter ugly they are,
No matter disability they are,
No matter sick they are.

There, in the eyes of a child.

You are the one that they depends on.

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