I am teacher-to-be. A kindergarten teacher. I am taking this course in my university because i think not many people are interested in this course. Actually, i learn more. Like seriously, more then you can think so. I learn how children develop and shaped their identity when they are a kid. What parent or teacher teach them during their earlier memories. I love kid. I really love them, I realized this when i lost my younger sister. Kid never be the same kid for the past 10 years later. They will grown up and will be an adult liked me one day. I realized i want to be their first teacher. Who will teach and guide them until they enter primary school. I want to be teacher that introduce the rhythm of alphabet song to them and teach them about science and mathematics around them. I think i will still fall in love with my course that i choose 20 years later in life, In sya Allah. I have make the biggest decision in my life yet it was so interesting that i couldn't hide the excitement. Even though, the journey is so tiring, and all the assignment and project is happening at the same time, yet it was so nerve racking and fun. i learned more to be matured. I learn more in the process identifying myself. I learn away from parent never been easy. I learn many things. As i learn it from the day i enter the university on my own. My mom keep remind me to never looked back. To never regret any decision that i have make. To try living the fullest until you reach your dead end. You are who you are. You will never be replaced. Try to love yourself more. Try to overcome the obstacle. It's okay to cried and let go your feeling because the bless from your parents and God, Allah The Mighty One is enough for you to have your journey alone. 
You will be fine. 
You will find who you are when your journey ended one fine day. 

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