Happy holiday to me. 
Got 2 weeks breaks before going to have hectic life pretty much the middle of June. 
Whaen the Ramadhan coming, it will be going the first time I'm fasting in other place than home. 
Going to miss very much mom's cooking when I'm in Hogwarts when Ramadhan time coming. 
The part of being student is to be away from all the comfort zone that I'm living before. 

I don't even know what to write here. 
as much as I have my miserable life in Hogwarts, I even forgetting pretty much of my memories.
Nothing exciting is happening in my current life. 
I go to Hogwarts then go back to my condominium then eat then sleep. 
That is all my routines for the past several month. 
I don't have many friends to begin for. 
But I actually liked much about my current life. 
I can do whatever I wanted because no one will scold me. 
I can be who I want to be. 
I was alone for the most of the time but never mind that. 
it was a part of journey in life. 
I can't find much friends who is similar to me that I can enjoy talking. 
I love going out for the movie, chilling by nature. walking and feeling the breeze. 
I don't shop much but I love window shopping. 
I love eyeing for pretty much cool and weird fashion items but I don't buy it. 
Black is kinda my code dress and I wear black for almost every day. 
From head to toe I'm covering myself with black things. 
Listening to indie music is so cool. 
When I have nothing to do, I will listening to indie music. 
Humming is part of my life. 
Struggling to catch up all the theories that my lecturer gave me is no fun but listening to music make my heart fluttering a little bit. 
Because at Hogwarts, the place that I'm studying right now got lot of pretty and handsome cool guys, I'm not even bother to looked at them. 
Right now, if I start my photography again, am I being in my zone again or should I forget about it? 
I wanted to brought back my camera but I think I should focus on my study. 
But I'm in dilemma right now. 
Should I or shouldn't I? 

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