Types of men I will love;

  1. Religious and humble.
  2. Willing to guide me when I'm lost.
  3. First-sight love.
  4. Truthful.
  5. Asking my abah permission before meet me. 
  6. Left-hand person.
  7. Major in drawing.
  8. Got long fingernails.
  9. Glass-nails.
  10. Dependable when needed.
  11. No violence. 
  12. Not a hot-temper person. 
  13. Can discuss with me anything. 
  14. Love kids. 
  15. Will hold my hands in public. 
  16. Accept my flawless. 
  17. Laughing at my jokes eventhough it's not funny.
  18. Smiles at me until we get older (like my abah and mom)
  19. Eat what I'm cooking eventhough it's hard to digest. 
  20. Normal face looking.
  21. Kind hearted.
  22. Can discuss with my abah anything and will respect my abah in the higher prospect.
  23. Love animals (bonus mark that my abah will add because he is animals lover).
  24. Treating my mom liked his mother. 
  25. Accept me as who I am. 
  26. Will love myself and be part of my soulmate.

I am 21 years old this year. I am not a dream-big types of person. I do not wish for a handsome nor a rich guys that will married me in the future. If I got the two types of person that I have mentioned before, Alhamdullilah. If I got a normal face looking guy, it was also a blessing and Alhamdullilah. I am searching for a person that will love me because of myself. The love that will bloom until we get older. I am simple person. I love and care very much about infant and young toddlers. I have heart that made from glass. I cried easily but I am not a person that we called as 'crying baby'. My mom said that I have a very soft heart because I have witness a dearly person passed away in my life. The event broke my heart and I carried the burden for the rest of my life. I needed someone that I can talk with any topics. Someone who willing to borrow their shoulder when I felt devastated and lending  their ears when I needed someone to hear me out loud. Someone that will guided me to have more colorful life. Someone that will be beside me and hold my back when there is a time that I will fall down. I hope the person that I will give my full heart will gain back my other soul that have been vanished from this earth long time ago. I hope he will accept me. He will hear my story. He will give me the support that I needed and I hope he will guide me and our kids in the right one fine day. 

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