Hello there.
The sky are blue today. 
It's not raining and i am up with something new.
I have lot of stories to tell but let it be a secret now. 
We only got a few week more until it's become new year. 
Alhamdullilah, praise to Allah SWT i am alive and keep going forward in my life. 
It's been a year now that i'm living away from my parent. 
I keep going stronger now eventhough sometimes i'm stumble upon the obstacle that was in front of me. 
I keep running and running even i'm not seeing any finishing line. 
Journey of life is always liked that. 
You keep on going and grow older but you never see any finishing line. 
You claim that you going to be matured as you growth older but you will never be one. 
I think that not anyone can be a blogger now. 
The blog that i'm always seeing are mostly not active now. 
The are mostly busy with the commitment they responsible. 
Currently i am in my 3rd semester now. 
1 short semester and 2 long semester. 
Yeah, i had been in lot of trouble and i also had been lot of joyfulness. 
Experience make who i am today. 
I keep changing from who i am before. 
Life is too short to never experience with somethings called trouble and something called happiness. 
Actually, i was in my room alone today. 
'Hogwart' the place where i'm studying right now having a holiday because something happen last night. 
I can't never been telling you guys where am i studying right now. Hihi. This is because i want to keep it secret as long as i'm alive. 

I have been diagnosed with 'lumbar spine'.
My L4 and L5/S1 bones are out of place. 
I can never been active as much as before. 
But, this won't let me down to achieve my dream that i have been promised my sister when she was alive. 
I'm going to be a teacher.
Teacher whom are extraordinary who will teach children with all her heart and In Shaa Allah one day i will achieve it. 
Praised to Allah SWT also because i have got my second time Dean's List Award now.
Eventhough, i'm struggling with the back pain but i know that Allah will always listen to His Creature. 
I am different from who i am before. 

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