There is nothing new in my life.
Just getting hectic here and there,
This year is my second year away from my parents and it become more crazier each day.
I learnt a lot and sometimes i stumble down in my path.
I get up on my own and it become lonely sometimes.
As you get older you could differentiate between good and bad people.
People come and go in your life.
You choose who to become your friend and you choose who you want to be friend with.
Some friend only benefit you when they need help.
True friend comes when you are struggling with your emotion.
I don't know.
When i'm away from parent i build this wall where nobody could even get close to me.
I hate sharing something more then ever, my emotion.
When i'm struggling let me be.
Just ignore me as you always do.
Just. Ignore. Me.
I hate to get close to other because in the end i was the one that get hurt.
As always.
So, just leave me alone.
Let me be, with my own world.
Don't get closed to me.
Please, don't.

friend that you always hurt unintentionally.

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