Assalammualaikum and hello.

In every human being there will be a dark secret that they won't reveal to anyone.
Not with their parent, friend or even with their best friend.
It's only reveal between you and your secret.
You are the only person that know what is happening in your life.
You are the only person that experience what you have deep in your heart.
It's you who feel the burst of the emotion that happen that time, forever.

I think that i was more comfortable living my life alone.
As year goes by it was me that make the decision.
It was me that going through tough time, alone. with my life.
It was only me and myself.

I need this alone.
I need to experience it alone so that i won't be burden to anyone else.

I need this alone.
So that people will thought only good things about me.

I need this alone.
Because i will never reveal my true emotion that being lock out for the past few years.

How i wish i live only with the people that have good intention.
That's never stab back others and being selfish.

How i wish people in this earth never lied.

How i wish people help other that being need.

How i wish no one will get hurt when they are in the process of growing up.

How i wish there will be no friend that being friend only with the beneficial factors.

How i wish my wish were true because I will never feel what i feel right now.

I have taste many bitterness in life as i grow up.

I hope others looked for the good in people and not find their flaws.

I hope.

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