The End, 2016.

Facts about me.

  • I was born in this earth with a sibling below me but eventually i am the only one survived in this earth. 
  • I have very deep Perak's accent as both of my parent are Perakian. Mostly, i talk with this accent when i was with my Opah because she love talk with Perak accent. 
  • I never away from my parent for almost 19 years because i never attend boarding school or MRSM. But, i decided to change the path of my life when i was 20 years old. 
  • I always have biscuit or candy with me. My favourite are Oreo's biscuit and Hacks's candy. 
  • When i was in primary school until a high school student, my ambition is to be a lawyer but as i grow older the path that i choose to be is totally different from it. 
  • I listen to someone well but i don't discreet my problem to anyone instead i write it somewhere in my journal but with the word that are metaphore. 
  • I don't do make up. I only place a cream of UV protection in my face. It's easier for me to take wudhu' and pray. 
  • I think that inside my brain i had a list to go through each day. If i don't have a time to do the list that i am supposed to do, i feel that i don't accomplish the target of the day.  
  • All my stuff is in the box. I can't bare to see cloth hanging or shoe that are not in a right place. I have a system in my mind where the things that i put must be the place where i can remember. 
  • I read a lot of book by Jodi Picoult, JK Rowling, Stephanie Mayer, Nicholas Sparks, Kristen. My grammar is always bad but i had an urge to write things. 
  • Most of the music that i listening to is by underground band. I love band of Snakanakdal, Vancouver Deep Clinic, Daughter, Hammock and Haux. 
  • I love checked shirt. I will wear the same cloth of checked shirt because i buy the same design in 5 different colors. 
  • I wore sneakers more that girlish shoes. I have all flat shoes and sneakers shoes. I never once wore high heels eventhough my height is only 151 cm. 
  • My passion is looking up at the sky. My heart flutter as i see the movement of the cloud. 
  • I don't rush things. I take time and observe. That's why i'm always left behind. 
  • I have many friends but friend that stick to me until the end you can count on finger. 
  • My family is my priority. I will left everthing behind if i heard anything bad happen to my family. 
  • I cook 'devil food' because i always combine left over food with Maggi.
  • I do online shopping only on Wednesday. I go to see beautiful things in shopping mall but i don't buy things there. Instead, i always go for food hunt and do shopping online. 
  • I will uninstall game in my phone every month. I feel bored when i play game to long. 

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