Assalammualaikum and Hello.
Now, it's already August 2017.
Being busy with life, I don't have much time for blogging but actually i missed it.
Blogging has been a part of my life.
Where i spend much thinking what my life have gone by.
Blogging is actually a secret diary for me to look back in future.
Where i express my taught and inspiration.
Where my mind was blankly staring at a white sheet of page and i just wrote what is inside my head.

Anyway, now i'm 23 years old and i was now in the in my practical terms to finish up my degree level.
Well, life never been easy.
Life have their own bittersweet moment.
I was to innocent to step up in the real world where i see lot of color in human that i have never seen before.
It was so hectic and sometimes i feel suffocated and lifeless.
But, i also feel the sweetness of it as i grow up and getting familiar with the air.

I thought that growing up will make me be more mature and independent.
I was totally wrong.
I yearn and missed my childhood.
Where i do not worries about anything and just being happy to be myself.
Nowadays i gotta to think lot of things as i was not a 'grown-up' and i need to make a decision based on the situation itself.
Sometimes, i couldn't help to feel hopeless.
There is a dark sides inside my heart where i always feel that i need to survive the challenge alone if my parent are not besides me anymore.
It broke my tears as i keep thinking about it.

Eventhough life is so much tougher now, Alhamdullilah Allah SWT bring so much joy and happiness to me.
Make dua'a for me and hoping for the best to come.

Allahuma yassir walla tuasir.
"Allah SWT will ease everything". Insha'Allah

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